Non-Gray Market Guarantee and Warranties

Houston Camera Exchange is proud to be an AUTHORIZED DEALER of all products we sell. We offer only products from our manufacturers that are produced and intended to be sold in the US. While searching online for photo equipment, you may a find a price significantly lower than our price. Our manufacturers establish a price point for their cameras and accessories which Authorized dealers adhere to. If the price is substantially lower, chances are the item being sold is referred to as Gray Market.


Why are Gray Market products risky?

Since Gray Market products are not imported and distributed by the USA division of companies such as Nikon, Canon, Sony and many others, you don’t know exactly what you’re getting. Stores that sell gray market cameras are not authorized dealers for the manufacturers. They buy from other suppliers at a discount. These suppliers are often overseas and import them into the U.S. Gray Market products may contain a limited warranty from the seller, but they are not covered by the manufacturer USA warranty. What does that mean to you? Here are some common traits with Gray Market cameras.


  • May include counterfeit or third-party accessories that could damage your equipment, or may be missing accessories


  • Fake software
  • The software included often is either copied or counterfeit.
  • Wrong power cord
  • May include an incorrect power cord or adapter not designated for use in the USA.


  • Not eligible for USA repair service, even if you want to pay for it.
  • Missing user manuals
  • User manuals are often missing, incomplete or photocopied, and they may even be in a foreign language.
  • Not eligible for rebates
  • May not be as expected
  • Since Gray Market products were not designed for sale in the USA, they may not meet your expectations.
  • Not eligible for rebates
  • Gray Market products are not eligible for promotions or instant rebates.

Houston Camera Exchange Warranty Policy

  • All NEW items purchased online from HoustonCameraExchange.com (excluding drones and microphones) come with a 10 day return period. After the 10 day return window most products will need to be sent to the manufacturer under the terms of the manufacturer warranty for service.

During our returns and exchange period, if your product displays any initial defects, we will gladly help you by exchanging your item for a new one. DO NOT FILL OUT THE WARRANTY CARD BEFORE THE 10 EXCHANGE PERIOD HAS EXPIRED. Houston Camera Exchange cannot exchange an initial defect item if the original manufacturer card has been completed or if any of the original packaging is missing or damaged and you will be responsible for shipping and communication with the manufacturer service center. We will be happy assist you with phone number or addresses of the nearest warranty service center. 

  • All USED items purchased online from HoustonCameraExchange.com sold in LIKE NEW, EXCELLENT, GOOD or UGLY condition come with a 30-day warranty. Items sold as BARGAIN are sold as-is and not warrantied.


  • Please contact websales@hcehouston.com or call 1-800-CAMERA5 for return instructions and approval on all returns prior to sending the item back.