Westcott Quick Mount S-Bracket

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The Westcott Quick-Mount S-Bracket is the most secure adjustable mounting system for compact lights and modifiers--with no unwanted stress on your light. This versatile mounting bracket pairs the FJ80 Universal Touchscreen Speedlight, FJ200 Strobe, and other compact lights equipped with a 1/4”-20 female thread with Bowens S-Type and umbrella-based modifiers to maximize light output.

Designed to avoid placing unwanted stress on your light, this durable, quick-mount system includes an adjustable Arca-type mounting plate that allows precise horizontal positioning of your light to evenly fill a light modifier. For added convenience, the quick-mount plate can remain attached to your light for future mounting.

The quick-mount bracket includes a Bowens S-Type accessory mount for light modifiers, including Rapid Box Switch, studio softboxes, reflectors, snoots, grids, barndoors, and more. A Vertical Adjustment Knob allows for precise vertical placement of the light head within the light head opening.

The S-Type bracket features an umbrella receptacle with a locking tension screw for securing umbrella-based modifiers with a shaft diameter up to 8mm, including Halo and Apollo softboxes, 7’ umbrellas, and more. The S-Bracket can also mount up to 3 speedlights around the perimeter with the option of pairing with an umbrella-based modifier to further maximize light output.

This bracket is compatible with compact lights up to 3.5" diameter and supports light modifiers up to 4.5 lbs. It’s constructed of solid metal and high-impact composite materials to ensure stability, reliability, and longevity. The S-Bracket includes a 5/8"" stand mount and built-in tilter bracket that allows variable angle-adjustments up to 180-degrees for precise light placement.
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