Canon RF 35mm F1.4L VCM


Pre-order item! Expected to release June, 2024.


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This item releases June, 2024.

The RF35mm F1.4 L VCM is an entirely new L-series lens, targeting a wide range of still-image and video shooters, with a combination of very moderate wide-angle coverage, a fast f/1.4 maximum aperture, and excellent optical design. On a full frame camera this lens gives you a slightly wide-angle look which has for decades been used in photojournalism and street photography, and has become a very popular wedding shoot look. On the video side, this lens really shines with a dedicated manual Iris ring, and a new linear focus motor called a VCM (Voice Coil Motor) that is virtually silent. The VCM works in tandem with a Nano USM on the floating focus unit for incredibly fast autofocus. And finally, focus breathing is barely noticeable on this incredibly versatile lens.

Incredible feature set from an incredible lens
This lens has a lot going for it. You already know about the new VCM and Iris control ring, but there is so much more. You can attach filters to this lens in two ways, a front 67mm screw thread allows for screw-on filters, and in the back of the lens is a cut gel filter holder (bundled). You also have a control ring and a control button both of which you can assign functions to. This lens is also dust and weather resistant, has two aspheric lenses, and ASC (Air Sphere Coating) to reduce ghosting.

Time to focus on focusing
The RF35mm F1.4 L VCM is part of a series of "hybrid" lenses that focus on video performance as much as still photography. One of these new features is a change to how the focus system works. There is a Nano USM that controls the floating focus unit, and a new VCM (Voice Coil Motor) that powers the rear focus unit. These focus motors work in tandem for incredible speed in near silence. One important note about the VCM is that it requires power to hold its position, so when the camera is off, or the lens is not attached to a camera, you may hear and feel slight movement. This is normal, and there is extra cushioning inside the lens to help prevent damage in this situation.

Excellent image quality
Again, thanks to the Canon RF lens mount, the RF35mm F1.4 L VCM lens offers great optical quality. Its optical design includes two UD lenses and two aspheric lenses as well as Air Sphere Coating (ASC) to reduce ghosting, and Fluorine coating on the front and rear lens surfaces to help mitigate smudges. On top of that, this lens features the same dust- and water-resistance found on L-series lenses with seals around the Control ring, focus ring, zoom ring, operation panel, and lens mount.

It's Showtime!
This lens is part of a new family of "hybrid" lenses that focus on video creation as much as still photography. To that end, this lens features a manual iris control ring so you can smoothly change the aperture from f/1.4 to f/16 during video capture. Thanks to advancements in lens design, focus breathing on this lens is extremely minimal, and backlit images are sharp. Combine all of these features, and you've got a great video lens in your hands.

Get close
With a minimum focus distance of just under 11 inches , and an f/1.4 aperture you can capture some really compelling imagery that is unlike anything else.
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