Savage Rainbow RGB LED Ringlight

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The Savage Rainbow RGB Ringlight is our most versatile ringlight yet! Choose between 360 distinct color options in RGB mode to give your fill and rim lights that extra pop. Or switch over to daylight mode and adjust the color temperature anywhere from 2700K to 10,000K to match available light in any room. Shoot through the center for a perfect round catch light in your subject’s eyes in any color. The soft, even light characteristics make the light ideal for glamour shots and key light applications, and the diffused front makes close-in shots easier on any model’s eyes.

Easily control the light with the back panel display or command the light to pan through the color spectrum or even pulse to a music or audio file with the Savage Light Manager (through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store) free smart phone app, perfect for flicker-free vlogging and self portraits.

17″ Ringlight
9′ AC power cord
2 NP-F750 batteries and chargers
Padded carry bag
Metal ball head

Savage Rainbow RGB Ringlight

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