Dec 10 - Food Photography: Learn to Taste with Your Eyes

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Food Photography: Learn to Taste with Your Eyes
Instructed by Canon Product Educator Peter Lee
Saturday, December 10th at noon
Houston Camera Exchange

If you are interested learning more about how to take appetizing food photos, then this class is just what you’ve been waiting for. Whether you are new to photography or are experienced but want to learn more about how to approach food as a subject, this class will information and useful tips that will help take your food photos to the next level. This class is for anyone interested in food photography at all experience levels

During this class, we will:

· Understand how the careful selection of aperture best shows off your food.
· Be able to manage shutter speed to control movement.
· Make sure everything that needs to be sharp is sharp!
· Control color through white balance, Picture Style, and an understanding of your environment.
· See what I would recommend for lenses and accessories.
· Learn some simple lighting solutions to fit the mood.
· Get tips on how to style food, prepare for and manage your shoot.
· Eat!

BIO: Peter Lee, Canon Product Educator
Peter has over a decade of experience working with Canon’s printers and imaging products before he joined the camera product educator team in 2013. As a Canon technical representative, he is a passionate teacher and enjoys interacting with everyone from full time professionals to beginners. He enjoys various genres of photography, including architecture, aerospace, landscape, portraiture, macro and sports.


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